Unlearning all the BS from white feminism to cultural appropriation.
By Ashlene N.

New articles for Pop Sugar Australia

Hey guys here are my latest articles for Pop Sugar Australia:

Ultra Violette release limited shade range & then silences WOC

Australian SPF brand Ultra Violette not only released a white-heavy shade range, they then went on to silence critics and make fun of their concerns on Instagram. A new SMH article, which clearly favored the white owners, positions women of colour as the aggressors. You can read more on the post here.

White women in Australia are claiming to be the experts in South Asian food & culture

Many of these Australian white women wouldn't dare to appropriate First Nations culture but they have no problems stealing from South Asians. Read the caption here.

Fast Fashion wouldn't exist if the world listened to Asian women. ~AN

Have you seen The True Cost? What are BLOOD clothes?
Read the caption

What really happened to the Aussie WOC Instagram account

How did an account wanting to celebrate Aussie women of colour get so much hate? In 2020, a rather jealous woman of colour trolled me for a year even going as far as creating fake messages. It made me realise how white supremacy shows up in POC. Read my medium article here.

Australia: surviving an island of Karens.

From @unlearningshit on Instagram. Unedited caption below.

White Australian women have longed denied their whiteness. That somehow being Australian affords them a pass to being a perpetrator of racism. They have been tricked into believing they are the victims and the only victims of oppressive white men. This is because POC in Australia are 'othered' and therefore if we can’t be seen, we can’t have a voice, either. The system only recognizes one victim which is white women and does the bare minimum for them under the label of 'gender diversity'. Yep, newsflash, the system doesn’t care about white women, either (Ruby Hamad talks about this beautifully in her book). White Australian women, in my experience, have a heightened false sense of entitlement.

How does all this play out? Opportunities within Australia are given to white women first because it upholds white supremacy to do so. Regardless if that white woman causes harm to POC. Blatantly racist white women such as Pauline Hanson continue to hold onto power because of this. And like the example of Claire Lehmann, it plays out on the global stage as pure stupidity and ignorance. Until white Australian women start to look inward at their own behavior it won’t change. But how do you get women, who are leaning into their ignorance, to self-evaluate and make a change? That's the challenge. Ash 4/7/21

Cancel culture isn't the same for women of colour

Read my full article on the Shit You Should Care About website here.

Model Stories

Read the lived experiences of AWOC models and how they are carving out careers despite the odds.

Whiteness Of Wellness

Have you ever walked into a Yoga studio as a person of colour and had a weird feeling that something wasn’t right? Click here.

Racist Beauty Trends

From the racist Fox Eye Trend to Tanning, more thoughts from the Gram to the blog.